Viiva's is more than optimal nutrition — it's a lifestyle.

By providing the best tools — high-quality and science-backed products — Viiva aspires to help others WAKE UP AND LIVE their best lives. No more settling for average or "just okay", Viiva wants to help you wake up to your best TODAY.

In October 2019, Viiva officially launched in Los Angeles, CA, and in December 2019, Viiva launched in mainland China. Viiva will continue its global expansion throughout the new decade with the goal of having 100 million families enjoying Viiva products every single day.

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Joe Zhou

Founder and Chairman

Joe has made a career of developing innovative solutions and growing successful companies. In fact, he has built 3 separate billion-dollar plus organizations, including the top-10 direct selling company in the world. So, when his 6-year-old son asked him, “What’s for breakfast?” and he didn’t have a good answer, Joe instinctively went to work finding a solution. Not only did he discover the ideal breakfast option for his family, but he also recognized that he had a solution for helping others wake up to abetter life too. It was this realization and his desire to help more people experience the rewards of health and prosperity that pulled him out of retirement and into establishing a new enterprise. In 2018, he founded Viiva, hand picking a talented multi-national management team to build his most profitable company yet. And while Joe could have chosen many corporate titles, he chose Chairman of the Viiva Cares initiative because as the father of six children, he is also directing his problem-solving skills to helping children in need.Joe’s Viiva Morning begins early with international conference calls, followed by the sounds of the blender mixing up a series of Viiva chocolate shakes for his children and wife, Jessica. After the kids are off to school, Joe’s off to the office–typically driving one of his favorite vintage cars. On weekends, his morning may include a family basketball game with his 1-year-old daughter, Julie cheering on her dad and older siblings from the sidelines.

Devin Glazier

President of Operations

As Viiva’s President of Operations, Devin is an experienced Financial and Operations Officer and has a history of generating powerful financial and operational strategies that drive profits and facilitate a robust sales channel. Throughout his career that includes financial leadership at international consumer and technology brands, he has combined his knowledge of historical analytics with forward-thinking strategies. He is a creative executive skilled in Company Strategy, Finance and Operation Processes, Negotiations, Direct Sales, Social Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. 

This juxtaposition of old and new is also evident outside of work – whether it’s listening to the classic sounds of the Beatles with the latest high-tech device or exploring new flavors at an up-and-coming restaurant in the heart of a centuries-old town in Eastern Europe. While Devin aims for tangible results, he also values the important, ‘intangibles,’ of trusted relationships and being surrounded by good, hard-working people. Most importantly, he cherishes his family relationships and can usually be found with his wife, cheering on their children in their sporting events or school activities.  

Devin’s Viiva Morning starts with a flurry of activity that includes making his favorite, Viiva chocolate protein smoothie with his go-to Amazon Superfruit kiik. It’s the same quick and nutritious breakfast his family enjoys as they all rush off for school, carpools or meetings.

Steinway Huang


You could say Steinway Huang’s business education started at the age of five. It was then that Steinway made his first trip from his home in the United States to visit with his grandfather in Taiwan. His grandfather was a self-made man who would take young, Steinway on walks, passing on his business–and life–lessons to him. After graduating with a degree in International Economics from UCLA, Steinway channeled his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for driving business performance to building a successful, multi-million-dollar consumer products distribution business in Greater China before eventually becoming one of the Viiva founders. Steinway recognizes that great companies start with a great culture that is focused on a shared purpose and commitment to integrity, openness, and teamwork. Steinway is a successful Business Leader who has a passion for driving business performance forward.He has a proven track record in positively coordinating the activities of various departments concerned with the production, pricing, sales, and distribution of products and services with over 10 years’ experience of working in senior managerial roles. Affectionately known as ‘Steinway & Sons,’ he is now passing on his grandfather’s legacy to his own sons, Bryan and Aaron, with his wife, Jenny. Steinway’s Viiva Morning starts the night before when he visualizes the day ahead. When he wakes up the next day, he says an internal prayer of gratitude and reminds himself of family and others who are depending on him. Then he gets in some exercise, grabs his Viiva protein shake and sets out to conquer the day–whether that’s at the office or with his family.

Craig Johanson

President of Sales & Marketing

With more than 40 countries stamped inside his passports and stops in 49 U.S. states, Craig Johanson has developed a big-picture perspective and ability to make individual connections – not bad for a guy whose graduating class totaled only 80 students. Craig brings more than two decades of person-to-person marketing to his strategic role as Viiva’s President of Sales and Marketing. He has been part of the management teams for several billion-dollar companies where he created unique, international marketing strategies to drive sales and encourage product evangelists.

Craig was also one of the founders of Qivana, the first direct-to-consumer company to specialize in natural product breakthroughs; reaching product sales in the hundreds of millions. Craig is an experienced Chief Marketing and Sales Officer with a demonstrated history of generating unique marketing strategies that drive sales and encourage product evangelists. Creative marketing professional skilled in Branding, Coaching, Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing Strategy. In recent years, he has balanced an intense international travel schedule with more tranquil times in the Sawtooth mountains surrounded by his family that includes his wife of 30 years and their three sons and two daughters. Craig’s Viiva Morning starts early at the gym and is followed by his favorite Viiva protein shake. A self-described, ‘morning person,’ Craig loves getting up early to watch the sunrise. He is passionate about the Viiva brand and delivering innovative products and solutions that help people ‘Wake Up and Live.’