Firming Eye Cream

Firming Eye Cream

VIIVA’s Firming Eye Cream is a light gel cream specially designed for use on the delicate skin around the eyes. Gently apply it along your eye contour every evening to support youthful-looking skin.

Key Ingredients:

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) - supports youthful-looking skin, and helps treat skin for signs of aging to help you feel your most confident.

Jojoba Esters - this extract from a desert shrub is a powerful moisturizer and is known for helping diminish fine lines.

Dimethicone - this versatile polymer supports skin’s softness and flexibility. It also helps skin maintain its moisture and soothes dry, itchy skin. 

Melatonin – this potent ingredient may help restore and improve skin tone. In addition, it may help protect skin from ultraviolet exposure.


  • Helps skin retain its moisture for youthful radiance
  • Promotes soft skin and improves its flexibility
  • Helps diminish fine lines
  • Aids in protecting skin from ultraviolet exposure
  • Improves skin tone and complexion